Welcome to Hartenkern Rottweilers. The word Hartenkern comes from Germany and means hardcore. We are a code of ethics breeder that is dedicated to preserving the total rottweiler. Our goal is to produce a rottweiler that possesses the temperament that the hard working noble rottweiler is suppose to have with the conformation that this magnificent breed is known for. We strive for perfection and we will spare no effort to produce the best rottweilers in the world.

Hello. I am Larry Nicholson. We are currently located in Texas just south of San Antonio. I am in the United States Air Force, so I do not have a final home as of yet. We are a small kennel as a result of this, and we breed for ourselves first and for anyone else that is interested in owning a rottweiler from some of the best bloodlines the world has to offer. We prefer to place our puppies in homes that are active in showing and/or working, but we will place them as pets for those that wish to have the best. We are dedicated to breeding the total rottweiler. One that has the desire and the drive to work, the confirmation to dominate in the show ring and one that has the temperament to be stable in any social environment. We spare no effort to ensure our goals are met and exceeded. We aim to make our clients happy and we consider them friends for life. We mainly deal with the European bloodlines as we feel that they offer more of what we are looking for. We hope you enjoy our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have a great day!

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